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Welcome to Asmeriecharm Studio - a small, creative, and vibrant multimedia pedagogy studio founded by Sabrielle Augustin. At our studio, we specialize in the art of captivating storytelling, creating imaginative universes, producing interactive and creative music, and designing enchanting illustrations, all while providing attentive education. Our diverse startup has a colorful and unique vision to inspire and appreciate artistic creativity through the power of escapism, promoting mental health and education for all ages, parents, and teachers.Our ultimate goal is dedicated to creating captivating and educational books with serene music that inspire creativity and promote connection and kindness. Our studio is a safe and inclusive space that values love, uniqueness, and diversity, where you can escape into imaginative worlds and explore personal growth. We're constantly exploring new ways to enhance our creations with the latest technology and digital platforms, so stay tuned for some exciting developments in the future.

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